What to Expect

Upon arrival you will find a brand new facility with ample parking and easy accessibility.


Our cordial and accommodating administrative staff will welcome you and
make you comfortable for your visit.

Whether it’s for a cleaning or a restorative dental appointment, you will encounter a modern environment and relaxing atmosphere.


Depending on your needs we will use modern equipment and technologies, including digital x-rays, piezoelectric scalers, specialized implant instruments, and the newest endodontic equipment.

You can expect all equipment and rooms to be cleaned and sterilized between each patient with approved protocols.


We have a fun and professional staff. A good laugh is usually just a minute away!


At completion of your appointment, a professional and educated administrative staff will help you with your insurance forms, direct billing your insurance and scheduling you your next appointment.

After your appointment we hope to outperform your expectations and maybe, just maybe we can change how you feel about “going to the dentist”.

ONE Last Thing!

Peter, Dante, John and the team are committed to stable and consistent service. At all times, other than holidays or unexpected absences, we try to have patients see their own doctor and hygienist.

Our only changes in staff have been additions to our team due to our move and expansion!  Dr Chudoba has been working in the Sault since graduation and Dr. Carlascio, who has been working in the Sault for several years, hopes to continue in this tradition. Peter and Dante are Soo boys who are committed to their hometown. Since his arrival John has fallen in love with the region and the people. He intends to make the Soo his home.

There will never be a continuous changeover of dentists. It takes time to earn your trust and understand your needs and expectations.